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3/16/22, 11:15 AM


Last week the social media site Nextdoor, one of many communication platforms used by Ranch Officials, was all the buzz over Ranch Manager Judy Lapora’s message cancelling the Rodeo at the proposed lower pasture location. Ranch Director Richard Ebers entered the fray and in typical fashion used his bully pulpit to disparage-attack some Association Members.

He admitted that he has “NO DEFENSE”, but provided an entertaining alibi for his unprofessional conduct. He initially attacked resident Carol Orr and explained she has some kind of mysterious affect on him that triggers uncontrollable outbursts.

Ebers switched gears and went after what he called the Ranch “dissenters”. He again used creativity to explain away why there are more than a few homeowners fed up with the likes of him and other Ranch Officials conduct.

Ebers then set his sites on resident Jeff Parcel, who ran for a Board position last year. Parcel’s candidate’s statement set Ebers blood a boiling.


Parcel’s statement was short and to the point. He stated: If elected, he wanted to restore “Integrity, Honesty and Transparency to the Board.”

Ebers has a problem with facts, but that really doesn’t matter so he hits back by dissing Parcel’s background. He stated: “He (Parcel) listed no work history or experience in management, accounting, negotiation, or any other qualifications.” Ebers added: “When questioned he (Parcel) said he didn’t attend board meetings and didn’t read meeting minutes.”


Parcel answered Ebers question and stated: “I used to go to meetings all the time. I quit going to meetings when Mr. Harbour started shutting our mics off… and walked out of a meeting-him (Carl) and half the Board walked out…”

The Board of Directors and Committee members can say and or do whatever they want because they know they are never held accountable or face any consequences for their misdeeds.


At the July 19, 2021, Candidates Forum, Ranch Director Richard Ebers singled out candidate Parcel and rudely interrupted-antagonized him while he was trying to answer Ebers question. The exchange was lively and included Director Monty Riddle describing his balls. Resident Carol Orr asked if she could say something and Ebers, yelled: “You don’t have a voice Carol and further screamed out,


LISTEN to the ATTACHED Audio Snippet for further details.

*NOTE: Ranch Officials DELETED this portion of the audio.

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