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1/18/18, 6:36 pm


This morning, (Thursday, 1/18/18) we had an impromptu meeting with Chris Doty, Director D.C. Road Department regarding the Deschutes County role in the Emergency Exit Project. Several topics discussed.


Bim (Gander) is “the driver of this process”

“3 separate/total Applications have been submitted to the BLM.” The first Application was “written wrong and not good”-submitted by the Ranch. The BLM requested that Deschutes County submit the next or second Application/Draft followed by the current Application dated April 21, 2015

Bim Gander and SRD Director John Williams both have received copies of the April 21, 2015 Application

Doty has received a set of construction plans and confirmed the process is “moving fast and he doesn’t know why”

Deschutes County “can’t handle the roads they currently have”- that’s why they are unable to take on the Emergency Exit as part of their inventory and are currently operating under a “moratorium”

“Intergovernmental agreement” in the works and will be signed by the Ranch SRD and Deschutes County. The question regarding whether the SRD can obtain jurisdiction and Annex the Emergency Exit is still unknown

Deschutes County cannot transfer the Emergency Exit until the Ranch SRD has completed the Annexation process. In the event the SRD is unable to Annex the Emergency Exit the process stalls

“Local Improvement District” another idea or option suggested by Mr. Doty

Underlying issues/concerns regarding the process Mr. Doty listed the following:

“Targets” to pursue if we are unhappy with the process: Ranch SRD, HOA and Jefferson County

Chris Doty, John Seely & David Stangland

Ranch Matters Staff

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