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4/08/20, 6:50 PM


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On 3/22/20, we posted a story titled, EYES & EARS with the intent to recruit citizen reporters-EYES & EARS on the street.

The response has been phenomenal and one Tip in particular caught our interest. The Tipster wanted to know why all of the Flight Schools in Central Oregon have been shut down in accordance with the Governor’s Executive Order, with the exception of HILLSBORO AERO.

We looked into this and confirmed via a unidentified flight instructor from Hillsboro Aero in Redmond today their flying and teaching Chinese student pilots during this crisis.

He said they have an exclusive contract with the Chinese Government to train only Chinese pilots at the Redmond Airport Flight School. He added, they have an agreement to provided not only flight training, but also housing and transportation.

We also had an opportunity to hear from one of the shuttered flight schools today, Robert Berg, from BERG AIR based out of Madras.

Mr. Berg wants to know why his flight school along with the other Central Oregon Flight Schools, other than Hillsboro Aero in Redmond, have been forced to close.

Berg has contacted not only the Governor’s Office, but other state and federal agencies requesting answers to no avail. He believes this matter needs to be investigated.


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