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5/20/21, 2:24 PM




“Dear DPSST, It never stops with this character. He (John Stevens) claims to be a private investigator but that is a joke.”

“This phony needs to have his licensed REVOKED soon.”.

Above statements written and submitted to the Department of Public Safety Standards and Training (DPSST) on April 24, 2020, as part of 3 complaints submitted in 2020 by the Crooked River Ranch (CRR) Officials against John Stevens’ private investigators license.

DPSST was ORDERED by the Oregon Department of Justice (DOJ) last month to release the 3 complaints, again, that included the above statements..

FOR THE RECORD: DPSST dismissed all 3 complaints as “FALSE & UNFOUNDED”

Various CRR Officials have attacked Stevens’ professional reputation with the obvious objective to have his private investigators licensed REVOKED and “FORCE” him and others to MOVE.

Additionally, these same Ranch Officials have used government agencies as their personal weapon of choice to silence Ranch Matters CRR News Service and as stated above, revoke Stevens’ private investigators license.

For the RECORD, Stevens’ has over four decades of hard-boiled investigative experience as a private investigator and award-winning investigative journalist.

Stevens as a private investigator, has extensive experience in criminal, civil and personal investigations including criminal defense, missing persons, corporate internal/external investigations, fraud, economic crime, personal protection and consultation.

As an Investigative Journalist Stevens has investigated, developed in-depth cutting edge news stories independently and for major news organizations. Stories investigated or produced included unsolved murders, drug trafficking, biker gangs, Ku Klux Klan, banking security and spies in the hi-tech industry to name a few.

Despite Ranch Officials rhetoric that Stevens and Ranch Matters News Service are inexperienced, unprofessional “wannabes”, as well as, a “joke” the evidence is to the contrary.


In 2017 we published a video interview with John Stevens, private investigator about the industry and private investigators generally.

Some of these same Officials have publicly stated we don’t volunteer for anything.

However, Stevens is a Certified Court Qualified MEDIATOR-Volunteer and State of Oregon Certified Ombudsman-Volunteer.

Dave Stangland is a licensed/volunteer, Emergency Radio Communicator.


The on-going ATTACKS against Stevens, Stangland and others by the Ranch Association is egregious and potentially subjecting Ranch homeowners to costly litigation.




(Are you a licensed professional resident on CRR? If so, how would you protect your reputation, home and livelihood?)


Ranch Matters Staff

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