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3/20/20, 4:50 PM


This afternoon, Jefferson County Sheriff, Jim Adkins, provided Ranch Matters with the following statement:

“I’m sad that she (Ms. Goelze) took advantage of her teammates. I’m proud of the Crook County’s D.A. for his hard work and getting this solution. She needed to be held accountable and I’m pleased with the plea deal.”



3/20/20    2:48pm



State of Oregon vs. JENNIFER GOELZE

Case No: 19 CR65008

As previously reported, former Jefferson County Records Clerk, Jennifer Goelze, was indicted on October 2, 2019, by the Jefferson County Grand Jury for stealing thousands of dollars from the Jefferson County Law Enforcement Association (JCLEA).

Jennifer Goelze

Today, Ms. Goelze appeared in court before Jefferson County Judge Annette C. Hillman and plead guilty to seven counts of First -Degree theft. The state agreed to dismiss the remainder of the counts because Ms. Goelze agreed to pay restitution in full ($60, 035.27) to the JCLEA.

Ms. Jennifer Goelze with family & her attorney Ms. Jennifer Kimble


According to the plea agreement Goelze will serve 39 months in prison and 12 months of post-prison supervision

The court initially addressed the SENTENCING MEMORANDUM and discussed the agreement with the state and defense and both sides agreed to the provisions in the MEMORANDUM.
The judge added:

“I’m satisfied with the MEMORANDUM.”

Special prosecutor, Wade L. Whiting, described her crimes as “a shocking betrayal” and added she “used the Association funds to finance her lifestyle and no one understands why she took the money.”

Before sentencing was imposed, Whiting stated two colleagues wished to address the court.
JCSO Records Clerk, Sheryl Blackman read from a prepared statement and stressed Ms. Goelze

“doesn’t deserve special treatment.”

Blackman said Goelze used her position of trust to learn how to investigate and avoid detection and deserves greater punishment.
JCSO Deputy, Melody Zistel, while holding back tears stated,

“I see a lot of bad things in the job-we feel like a family, this is hard.”

Zistel turned to Goelze and said, “I forgive you.”

Judge Hillman asked Goelze if she had anything to say to the court before the imposition of the sentence. Goezle had no comment and Hillman replied, that’s

“disappointing”and described her crimes as a “kick in the gut.”

Sentenced was imposed and Goelze was led away by one of her own, a fellow deputy.

Due to Coronavirus restrictions and court order, courtroom seating was limited to “10” spectators only. Ranch Matters was afforded media status and counted as part of the 10.

As an aside, Ranch Matters obtained from the court file a civil lawsuit, case number, 19CV48515, filed on 11/07/19, against Ms. Goelze by the Jefferson County Law Enforcement Association, for $60,000.00.

Ranch Matters Staff


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