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1/18/2023, 3:31 PM



At the Board’s Regular Meeting on January 16, 2023, Ranch Manager Judy Lapora provided her status report regarding the current CRR Website issues.

According to Lapora, she’s working with a website designer and the actual costs involved to re-build the website along with the design details are still unknown. Restoration timeline also unknown. Lapora confirmed contract details are confidential and needed to be discussed in Executive Session.

As reported earlier, the Board approved spending somewhere between 4K and 7K for website restoration.

With the website down, Meeting Minutes typically aren’t available for the Ranch membership in a timely manner. For those that haven’t seen or been provided that information, the following was published in the January 3rd Work Session Minutes: “CRR Website Issues Update-Ranch Manager Lapora has been with web designing firm, Simplify Simple, from Redmond. They have been working on identifying design possibilities and feel confident that the Ranch will be able to move into the 21st Century. It was noted that a new website would need to be developed.

There is no estimate on cost or ETA at this time. She will update the Board at the next meeting.”

Lapora’s update at Monday’s meeting added nothing new other than the Board’s utilization of the Executive Session process to discuss confidential contact matters, presumably involving Simplify Simple.


At the July 2013, Regular Board meeting, the Minutes discussed communication matters that included the following: “Pioneer CRR Correspondent John Bowler expressed his concern to President Ben Johnson earlier about getting information to CRR residents in a timely manner. He also expressed concern over the WEBSITE STRUCTURE AND FORMAT.”

A month later,

At the August 2013 Publicity Committee Meeting, the Minutes included: “Paula said she will speak to Judy (Lapora) when she returns from vacation about the need for the WEBSITE TO BE BETTER MONITORED AND UPDATED.”

Another August 2013 entry in the Minutes discussed Lapora’s responsibilities regarding the loss of critical records, IT systems and key personnel. She was tasked with creating an action plan to deal specifically with the interruption of critical records and IT systems. The Minutes included the statement:


The July 2020, Minutes confirmed: “An IT Maintenance Contract has been established for the monitoring of all systems.” That IT contract was negotiated with Matthew Stubbs from Cascade Professional Computing.

In our December 7, 2022, story, “CONCRETE EVIDENCE” we reported that Matthew Stubbs attended the Board’s December 5th meeting via zoom. Stubbs explained his version of events that triggered the website issues. Additionally, Stubbs confirmed talking to Manager Lapora “about two and a half years ago about the FRAMEWORK and that it needed to be updated- things kinda got put on the back burner, we knew CONCRETE 5 was getting old and had some issues…” Matthew recommended switching to another hosting service.



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