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CRR SPECIAL ROAD DISTRICT- Annexation Emergency Quail Road

4/11/19, 2:12 PM


On January 12, 2019, Ranch Matters posted a story titled, “SOUNDS LIKE A JOHN THING…”
Part of the story focused on SRD Chairman Rich Hoffmann signing the AGREEMENT RELATED TO CONSTRUCTION, OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE OF THE QUAIL ROAD EXTENSION PROJECT in April of 2018.

Chairman Hoffmann Volunteered for the SRD position and according to former Jefferson County Commissioner, Mike Ahern was the “PICK OF THE LITTER” of all the potential candidates.
He was officially selected and sworn in on February 28, 2018 and hardly two months later, had no problem executing the above described agreement saddling the Ranch residents with the costs, liabilities and maintenance of the Emergency/Quail Road-Without a VOTE of the Ranch Property Owners/Residents.


April 2019-a year later, Hoffmann is on the record stating he doesn’t know how to proceed with the Petition to Annex the Emergency/Quail Road, is concerned about the legal ramifications surrounding the process and the SRD Commissioners potential legal exposure associated with signing the Petition to Annex the Road.

Last year (2018), Hoffmann signs the aforementioned Agreement, about 6 months ago the Road is completed and only now, Hoffmann and the other SRD Commissioners, are shopping for the right lawyer to assist them with the Annexation Process.

QUESTION: A year ago, Hoffmann seemingly had no problem signing the agreement encumbering all of the Ranch property owners, but now, is concerned about the Annexation Process along with his own personal liability issues. WHY?

Ranch Matters Staff



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