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11/10/21, 2:01 PM



Today’s meeting was called to order by SRD Chairperson Sue Haley at 10:00 AM.

After Flag Salute, Roll Call was held; all Commissioners present-Ann House and Dana Pierce along with CRR Road Supervisor Jordan Jones.

CRR President Bill Burt and VP Carl Harbour also in attendance.


Chairperson Haley followed the attached AGENDA


Commissioner Pierce provided his Treasure’s Report for October. Account Balance: $442,999.62.

Road Supervisor Jones provided his report for October Road Department Activities.

OLD BUSINESS: Continuation of discussion involving SW Sundown Canyon Road water vault relocation matter by the Crooked River Ranch Water Company. According to Chairperson Haley, the project is fraught with problems, including murky legal liability issues. She stated: “We’re back to square one.”

Discussion included feedback from Ranch Water Company General Manager Frank Day.

This matter will be revisited at the SRD’s January 2022 meeting.

NEW BUSINESS: Discussion and Approval of a “purchase policy” allowing the SRD Commission the ability to conduct certain financial transactions without calling a Special Meeting.

Commissioner’s also had a lengthy discussion regarding a letter the Ranch and SRD received from an unnamed Horney Hollow Trail resident seeking enhanced maintenance of the road that included paving. Chairperson Haley initially disclosed a conflict of interest stating: “It’s my road” and indicated she will be “recusing herself.”

Haley provided some 2017/2018 history/background related to Horny Hollow that included performance agreements. She explained the Ranch only agreed to “beef up the shoulders” and “limit by signage, the length of a vehicle permitted on the roadway…”

Chairperson Haley read aloud a letter authored by Ranch Manager Judy Lapora and sent to the unnamed resident that clearly explained CRR’s position and responsible parties.

Various options discussed that included the residents forming their own Local Improvement District. Commissioner House stated she will contact the subject resident and invite him to the next SRD meeting.


*Video Snippet # 01: Flag Salute

*Video Snippet # 02: Commissioner Pierce’s Treasure’s Report

*Video Snippet # 03: Supervisor Jordan’s Report

*Video Snippet # 04: SW Sundown Canyon discussion

*Video Snippet # 05: Continuation of SW Sundown Canyon discussion

*Video Snippet # 06: “Purchase Policy” discussion/approval

*Video Snippet # 07: Horny Hollow Trail Maintenance discussion

After some Public Input meeting adjourned at 11:20 AM.

Ranch Matters Staff