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10/14/21, 10:52 AM



Yesterday’s (10/13/21), SRD MEETING was called to order by SRD Chairperson Sue Haley about 10:00 AM.

After the Flag Salute, Roll Call was held; all Commissioners present- Anne House and Dana Pierce along with CRR Road Supervisor Jordan Jones.

CRR President Bill Burt also in attendance.

Chairperson Haley followed the attached AGENDA


Commissioner Pierce provided his Treasure’s Report for September. Account Balance- $363,680.03.

Road Supervisor Jones provided his detailed activities report for September.

OLD BUSINESS included a lively discussion regarding the relocation of the Sundown Canyon Road water vault.

Ranch Water Company General Manager Frank Day was in attendance and asked the Commission what was their “goal?” According to Day, it would cost “75K to move the water vault.” He asked if they are exploring all alternatives or less expensive options and stressed the importance of working together.

The SRD is planning on conducting a survey that should address alternatives and options.

There was some additional discussion related to lines of authority. Chairperson Haley stated: “We are the road authority” while Day suggested Jefferson County Public Works had some level of authority over the SRD. Chairperson Haley will be seeking clarification and report back.

Ranch President Burt commented/confirmed that the HOA has no involvement, financially or otherwise and the above described issues are between the SRD and the Ranch Water Company.

Meeting concluded at 10:38 AM.

Ranch Matters Staff