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11/11/22, 10:23 AM


Wednesday’s (11/9/22) meeting was called to order by SRD Chairperson Sue Haley at 10:00 AM and ended at 10:26 AM.

After Flag Salute, Roll Call was held, all Commissioners present-Ann House, Dana Pierce along with CRR Road Supervisor Jordan Jones.

Chairperson Haley followed the AGENDA


OLD BUSINESS-Sundown Canyon Project is “Tabled until Spring.” As previously reported, the Sundown Canyon Road controversy surrounding the SRD’s efforts to force the Ranch Water Company to move the vault has been a hot topic since 2021.

The SRD has retained a lawyer to help them understand what they can or cannot do statutorily regarding utilities (vault) in right-of-ways.

Interestingly, the SRD and Ranch Water Company are hunting for an elusive sale’s agreement between the Ranch HOA and the CRR Water Company dating back several years. According to Haley: “When the Ranch sold the Water Company to the Crooked River Ranch Water Company-we need those documents to see it there were any conditions Imposed about where the utilities could be placed in the right-of-way.”


The second item discussed by the Commissioners dealt with Chairperson Haley’s SDC Report.

She thought, but wasn’t sure, the SDC amount currently available is $177,000. She also confirmed the SRD is proceeding with the construction of the Apron Project.

The Badger Road Guardrail/Safety matter is off the SRD’s radar at this time.


RM checked with Jefferson County’s website and confirmed current SDC Funds available:


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