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2/13/19, 7:10 PM

At 5:00 PM the meeting was called to ORDER by SRD Commissioner Mike Schlabach.

Roll Call was held and SRD Commissioner John Williams was present along with CRR Road Supervisor Jordan Jones. SRD Chairman Rich Hoffmann was absent.

Commissioner Schlabach followed the AGENDA.

Some Highlights:

Commissioner Schlabach provided his Treasurer’s Report.

Road Supervisor Jones provided a detailed report and is working on a list of road repair priorities. Additionally, Jones discussed the purchase of a crack sealing machine from Jefferson County. If all works out, the machine can be acquired for $7,000 and according to Jones, if bought new, would cost $50,000.

There was discussion regarding the two open positions on the SRD Board and the details for filing for the positions.

Commissioner Williams provided an update for the Annexation of the Quail/Emergency Road Project. According to Williams the Petition Process is just beginning and he stated it may take “months” to complete.

During Public Comments, a new Ranch resident, living in the Sundown Canyon area, expressed concerns regarding road safety matters, including requesting the installation of guard rails.

Commissioner Williams was asked if Commissioner Schlabach replaced former SRD Commissioner Clarence Palm, as noted on the INFORMATION FORM signed and submitted to the Jefferson County Clerk’s Office last month, by Williams. Williams replied, Schlabach replaced former SRD Commissioner Sam Wilkins and he will correct the record.

As the meeting ended at approximately 5:35 PM, it was asked, why SRD Chairman Rich Hoffmann was absent from tonight’s meeting. According to Commissioner Schlabach, he was told, “he’s attending a concert with his mother tonight.” Schlabach added, that earlier today, Hoffmann was unaware of the meeting time change and thought it was at 10:00 AM.

After the meeting, we asked Commissioner Schlabach if he will be filing for the two year term/ position. He answered, “I’m considering, running.”

Video Excerpt # 1: Opening Remarks, Flag Salute & Roll Call




Video Excerpt # 2: Consent Items…



Video Excerpt # 3: Old Business…



Video Excerpt # 4: Old Business Continued/New Business, including the Petition Process to Annex Quail/Emergency Road…
Solicitation Process for SRD Candidates



Video Excerpt # 5: Announcements, Public Comments & Closing Remarks



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