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11/14/18, 6:25 PM

Meeting started at 5:00 PM and ended about 5:20 PM

SRD Commissioners John Williams and Mike Schlabach in attendance along with CRR Road Supervisor Jordan Jones.

Chairman Rich Hoffmann is out of Country-In Mexico.

Meeting followed the AGENDA.

Commissioner Williams was asked about When and How the Emergency Exit/Quail Road Extension will be officially ANNEXED. He stated the Annexation Process will be handled by Deschutes County and might include some judicial process.





Road Report by Jordan Jones


A question was asked about PUBLIC NOTICES-How and When the SRD lets the public know about their public meetings. Still some confusion regarding this issue.

Commissioner Schlabach confirmed-post meeting, he will discuss the matter with Ranch Manager Judy Lapora regarding Posting Notices on the Ranch Website, time permitted.

Wrap Up




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