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7/2/23, 1:49 PM



JULY 3, AT 10:00 AM



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AGENDA Attached

Note: Agenda Item of interest: On-going discussion and approval of significant CHANGES to the Policy & Procedure Manual


At the 6/19/23, Board of Directors REGULAR MEETING, the Directors continued their discussion related to Code of Conduct issues/changes related to the Policy & Procedure Manual.


The Directors and Ranch Manger Judy Lapora continue to push the False Narrative- LIE, that tighter rules are needed to protect THEM from “intimidation and harassment.”


As previously reported, Ranch Officials have declared WAR on “SOME MEMBERS OF THE ASSOCIATION” and the First Amendment. Speech is under attack along with any Association member deemed the enemy.


Disturbingly, while certain former and current Directors/Staff/Committee Members harass, hurl insults, mock certain members, malign reputations and dismiss residents legitimate concerns/ questions, they’re creating and enforcing Policies and Resolutions designed to limit members participation at their meetings.


They’re working overtime to silence all dissent and are using the enforcement tool of FINES to GAG targeted members.


Manger Lapora appears to be the driving force behind the latest Policy Changes and the Board seemingly goes along to get along.


There was a push to approve the changes at the 19th Meeting, but Director Sheryl Jones upset the apple cart over one word: “ADOPT.”

According to Jones, the use of the word adopt, regarding changes to the Policy & Procedure Manual, requires a better definition of what adopt actually means.


She submitted typed written notes as part of her argument.


Lapora responded: “I did a search through the whole document for adopt and 99% of it is all under budget, the budget stuff which is all adopted. The only other parts are under the Resolutions, Rules and what not and those were done by our attorney.”


Jones repeated: “The problem that I have with the word adopt is, it isn’t in the way that it is set forth and the powers are set forth in the CC&R’s and By-Laws, which are the two main foundations for Crooked River Ranch-legal foundations…”


The discussion labored on and VP Ara Erdekian provided his legal understanding of the word adopt while questioning Jones.

He said to Jones: “Why don’t you find the meaning of adoption that you like.”

Jones answered, stressed, that she wanted the attorney that drafted the document and used the word adopt to provide the definition.


Jones: “As a Board we are, the onus is on us, that each thing that comes from us has been thoroughly vetted by us and that we accept the responsibility…”


She continued, “The CC&R’s cannot be played with without allowing voting of the entire membership”, but before she could finish her comment, Lapora interrupted, “we’re not doing anything with the CC&R’s.”

The Directors further discussed various words, definitions and finally agreed to not approve the Policy Changes submitted by Lapora, until their July 3, Work Session Meeting




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