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CRR/BOD Work Session Meeting-March 01, 2021,

March 01, 2021, 11:56 AM

CRR/BOD Work Session Meeting

Today’s Work Session Meeting was held via zoom and started on time at 10:00 AM and ended at about 11:11 AM.

All Ranch Directors present with the exception of Richard Ebers & Monty Riddle

Ranch Manager Judy Lapora present

Jefferson County Commissioner Mae Huston also was in attendance

Ranch President Carl Harbour followed the attached AGENDA



*Video Snippet # 01: CALL TO ORDER/ROLL CALL & Ranch resident Carol Orr’s comments regarding being misquoted in the last meetings minutes

Lapora’s Swimming Pool Upgrade Report


*Video Snippet # 02: Lapora’s RV Park Wi-Fi Report


*Video Snippet # 03: BUDGET PROCESS REPORT/FY 2022 Capital Reserve Plan Update


*Video Snippet # 04: Proposed changes to Policy & Procedures Manual discussion

Canyon Village Sign Design Update


*Video Snippet # 05: VAX SITE UPDATE-CRR Vax Clinic tentatively scheduled for March 19


*Video Snippet # 06: 2021 Election Packet Update


*Video Snippet # 07: Legal Updates-None

Neighbor Helping Neighbor Report via Karen Atwood


*Video Snippet # 08: Continuation of Neighbor Helping Neighbor discussion & Director Jerry Cooper voicing concerns over enabling people who might repeatedly be using the program during the Covid Pandemic


*Video Snippet # 09: Proposed Cascade E Transit Service Report


*Video Snippet #10: A/R LOG ITEMS:

Info Technology (IT) report review

Fire Abatement discussion

CRR Fire Chief Harry Ward discusses Evacuation Issues & Emergency Preparedness


*Video Snippet # 11: WRAP UP & ANNOUNCEMENTS

Jefferson County Commissioner’s will be holding their semi annual meeting on the Ranch via zoom March 10, 2021 at 6:00 PM


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