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3/7/23, 12:32 PM


Brief Report

Yesterday’s (3/6/23) Board Meeting started at 10:00 AM and adjourned to Executive Session at 10:56 AM.

The following Ranch Directors attended: President Kari Vickery, VP Ara Erdekian, Secretary Mike Dries, Julia Randall, Sheryl Jones, Richard Beveridge, Sarah Woolverton and Treasurer Randy Peterson via zoom.

Absent/MIA: Daniel Lowe

Ranch Manager Judy Lapora and General Maintenance Supervisor Mike Knoke participated.


*Manager Lapora provided her website status report.


According to Lapora the rebuilding of a new website is underway. She is reviewing different websites for ideas and is waiting on a “mockup.”

Additionally, Lapora stated she’s been uploading Ranch files-Minutes and indicated “it’s a “time consuming job.” Lapora confirmed the vendor contract has been signed by President Vickery and things are “rocking and rolling.”


*Director Beveridge provided another one of his succinct reports regarding the RV Park’s software installation project. Installation completed.


*VP Erdekian provided a lengthy report regarding the Community Garden Project. He needs seeds, equipment, volunteers and confirmed zero costs involved.

Vickery asked Erdekian for specific needs, dates and the spreading of manure. They have scheduled April 1 as a work day and are hopeful that planting can start by May.


As a side project, they need welders to help construct scarecrows.


The meeting adjourned to Executive Session at 10:56 AM “For Contracts.”




Jefferson County Board of Commissioner’s will be meeting on the Ranch- tomorrow, March 8 at 6:00 PM in the Juniper Room.


NOTE: Prior to the Work Session Meeting, Director Sarah Woolverton posted on social media the following:

“Hi friends and neighbors! Don’t forget this morning’s meeting for the HOA Board. 10am in the Juniper Room. Come, learn, engage! In my 6 months on the board we have only ever had a handful of people come to meetings. YOU ARE WELCOME AND ENCOURAGED TO ATTEND. We WANT you present and participating so that we can act in the best interest of ALL. Hope to see you there!”




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