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CRR/BOD Work Session Meeting- 8/2/21

8/4/21, 2:59 PM

CRR/BOD Work Session Meeting

*NOTE: Again, we apologize for not video recording the Work Session Meeting. Unfortunately, now that the board Meetings have resumed, in person, in the Juniper Room, we are prohibited via RESOLUTION from video recording or photographing the actual meetings. However, the Directors are utilizing their new, $13,000 + video recording system to record members.

Monday’s (8/2/21), Work Session Meeting started at 10:00 AM and ended about 11:17 AM.

All Ranch Directors present along with Ranch Manager Judy Lapora, Road Maintenance Supervisor Jordan Jones and General Maintenance Supervisor Mike Knoke.

President Carl Harbour followed the attached AGENDA

As the meeting was about to adjourn, Ranch resident Leonard Larson asked to address the Board. He wanted to know who authorized the publication of his name in “print and on the internet” regarding the June 15, 2021, CC&R Minutes. Mr. Larson stated, “Given that you guys are in a little trouble for putting out people’s names already, why would you put my name out?”


Larson asked, “Is it a violation for you to put my name out?” Director Randy Peterson responded, “It is not.” Larson’s exchanged included whether the Association has the authority to trespass to enforce their CC&R’s along with some other related issues.


At the July 19th Regular Board Meeting, it was brought to the Board’s attention that the CC&R June 15, 2021, Minutes included some confidential information. Specifically, the Minutes named names along with other identifying confidential information.

CC&R Chairman Mark Schneider stated, he was “unaware” of the breach and Ranch Manager Judy Lapora claimed responsibility. President Harbour added, “They (THE NAMES) should not be in there”and asked that they be removed.

The names were included in the Reading Packets and published on the CRR Website and after the meeting removed.

After Monday’s Work Session was adjourned, Ranch Matters approached the Board, specifically, Harbour and asked for clarification. We pointed out the contradiction between what was stated by Harbour at the July 19, Regular Board Meeting and Director Peterson’s comment stating “It is not” a violation to publish subjects names and what the Policy Handbook has to say. Harbour’s response failed to clarify the official policy regarding the publication of homeowners names under CC&R investigation.

We filed a report after the July 19 meeting and in the story included the following from CRR’s Policy & Procedure Handbook:

“Every committee member is responsible for maintaining confidentiality of sensitive or personal information gained due to his or her membership on a committee. This may include information about other Association members, members of the Board, staff or other confidential information gained as a committee member and must be held in the strictest of confidence. Failure to do so may result in removal from the committee by action of the committee or the Board.”

On a related note and as reported, the Ranch Association was sued in June by a Ranch Homeowner. The lawsuit alleges:

“Negligent Breach of Confidentiality; Breach of Confidentiality”

  The plaintiff is seeking $965,000.

The lawsuit allegedly involves the CC&R Complaint Process and the Associations duty to maintain confidentiality.

Following Mr. Larson’s public comments, Ranch Homeowner Carol Orr discussed Director Richard Ebers heated exchange/outburst at the recently held Candidates Forum. During the Q & A portion of the Forum, Ebers yelled out to Ms. Orr:


and further screamed out:


Ms. Orr described Director Ebers behavior “like demonic” and asked Harbour:

“Don’t you think Directors should be above and beyond yelling at people?” Harbour answered:

“I think a Director is human like everybody else…”


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