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CRR/BOD Work Session Meeting, 7-6-21

7/6/21, 2:02 PM


CRR/BOD Work Session Meeting


Today’s Work Session Meeting started behind closed doors about 10:03 AM and ended at 11:36 AM


All Directors present with the exception of VP Bill Burt


Prior to calling the meeting to order, Ranch president Carl Harbour discussed the particulars regarding immediately adjourning to SPECIAL EXECUTIVE SESSION for some unidentified legal matter that included legal counsel.


After Harbour’s opening statement he instructed Ranch Manager Judy Lapora to start recording, took Roll Call and asked for a Motion to adjourn. Harbour then removed the attendees from the meeting after saying they could click back in when they reconvene.




Ranch Matters and Ranch Member Carol Orr attempted to rejoin the meeting, but were apparently blocked. We attempted to rejoin on multiple occasions and received a pop-up message stating: “Unable to rejoin this meeting-The host removed you from the meeting.”



Using an alternate resource, we finally got reconnected while the meeting was in progress and almost over. Interestingly, Ranch Director/Secretary Monty Riddle signed off stating, “It’s been a rough morning.”



Ranch Matters Staff