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CRR/BOD Work Session Meeting

                                             3/02/20, 5:08 PM

 CRR/BOD Work Session Meeting


Meeting started at 10:00 AM and ended at about 11:47 AM

All 7 Board of Directors present and the Chair recognized Jefferson County Sheriff, Jim Adkins and Jefferson County Commissioner, Mae Huston who were in attendance.

Ranch President Carl Harbour followed the Attached AGENDA

                                                  Jefferson County Commissioner Mae Huston

                                  Jefferson County Sheriff Jim Adkins & Ranch Resident Carol Orr.

                               3 candidates vying for the 2 open Board positions

                                                   BOD Candidates L to R

                                   Randy Peterson , Richard Ebers & Monty Riddle

*3 candidates vying for the 2 open Board positions were interviewed. Richard Ebers, Randy Peterson and Monty Riddle provided some personal background and answered questions.

The Board adjourned to Executive Session for about 20 minutes and reconvened to announce they selected Monty Riddle and Randy Peterson.
Riddle and Peterson read the Oath of Office and took their seats with Board.

                         CONGRATULATIONS-Monty (AKA, Santa) & Randy

                                  Randy Peterson & Monty Riddle reading their Oath of Office

                    New BOD Member Monty Riddle, Signing his Oath of Office

                                   CRR BOARD OF DIRECTORS as of March 2, 2020

                      COIC-Cascade East Transit      Public Transportation Plan

*Former Ranch Director, John Smallwood, introduced Andrea Breault and Rachel Zakem from COIC-Cascade East Transit to present a Public Transportation Plan involving a busing system that would include the Ranch, Culver, Metolious and Madras.

             L to R  Former Director John Smallwood, with COIC’s Andrea Breault & Rachel Zakem

The Board’s consideration and input is essential for the plan to finalize and at this time the “process is wide open.”
Various options are being explored, including “Fixed Routes vs, Dial-A-Ride” along with scheduling issues.
It was mentioned that a possible Survey might be disseminated to the Ranch Membership for feedback.

                                                   Water Company Lawsuit

*Harbour provided a quick update on the Water Company Lawsuit. Due to an insurance company matter a new lawyer from Salem has been retained to represent the water Company and the process is slightly delayed.


                                                     Weed Spraying discussion


*Weed Spraying discussion dealt with whether or not homeowners can opt out. The Directors agreed that the Ranch will provide a standardized DO NOT SPRAY SIGN for those wishing to opt out. A Signed waiver will require the homeowner to be responsible for their own weeds..

                                 Jefferson County Board of Commissioners Meeting

*On March 11, the Jefferson County Board of Commissioners will be meeting in the Juniper Room at 6:00 PM.

At 11:47 AM, Meeting Adjourned to Executive Session for a “personnel issue.”

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