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2/7/2022, 7:43 PM


Today’s Work Session Meeting was held virtually via zoom and started about 10:05 AM and ended at 11:15 AM.


The following Ranch Directors in attendance: President Bill Burt, VP Carl Harbour, Secretary Julia Randall, Treasurer Jerry Cooper, Monty Riddle, Mike Dries, Randy Peterson and Richard Ebers.

Director Ara Erdekian was absent.

Ranch Manager Judy Lapora and General Maintenance Supervisor Mike Knoke participated.

Jefferson County Commissioner Mae Huston also in attendance.

Meeting was facilitated by President Burt.

Burt followed the attached AGENDA.

Board meetings usually follow the Agenda and run with a standard routine. President speaks and typically the Directors simply genuflect to his whims and avoid controversial discussions.

Today was the EXCEPTION.

While Burt was describing his plans for the Rodeo Arena Proposal, Director Julia Randall weighed in. Director Randall stated: “Bill, I have a long list of pros and cons-I don’t know if you got that from me?” Bill responded: “I did and got them at the last minute and I’ll go over those with you after the meeting.” Randall persisted and stated:

“I would like to go over them with everybody.”

There was a long pause before Randall proceeded to read from her list starting off with: “My initial reaction is that we are being asked to make a rush decision on a very expensive and long term project and I can’t help say, whoa, there’s a lot to consider. First of all, as a property owner, I don’t see a value in this project.” However, Randall does see some value for the local businesses, but stressed her concerns involving contractual and financial issues related to the proposal.

The discussion was lively and Director Randall stood her ground, conveyed her points, many times while being interrupted by Burt. Her presentation was professional and she clearly wanted this serious matter discussed in the open for all to see and hear.


It was during this discussion that Burt Identified the purpose for his “”Special Meeting” currently scheduled for this Thursday, February 10 at 10:00 AM. He indicated the Rodeo Arena Proposal and the contract terms/conditions with the promoter will be the subject of the Special Meeting.

Ranch Matters Staff

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