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12/7/21, 6:43 AM



Yesterday’s (12/6/21), Work Session Meeting was held virtually via zoom and started at 10:00 AM and ended at 10:59 AM.

The following Ranch Directors in attendance: President Bill Burt, VP Carl Harbour, Secretary Julia Randall, Treasurer Jerry Cooper, Randy Peterson, Mike Dries and Monty Riddle.

Directors Absent: Richard Ebers and Ara Erdekian.

Ranch Manager Judy Lapora and General Maintenance Supervisor Mike Knoke participated.

Jefferson County Commissioner Mae Huston and Ranch Fire & Rescue Chief Harry Ward also in attendance.


Meeting facilitated by President Bill Burt and he followed the attached AGENDA




*Video Snippet # 01: Call to ORDER/Roll Call & Holiday Event Report


*Video Snippet # 02: AFE # 265-RV Park Electrical Upgrade Discussion


*Video Snippet # 03: Continuation of AFE # 265 Discussion


*Video Snippet # 04: AFE # 265 Unanimously Approved


*Video Snippet # 05: Storage Shed & Commercial Park Plan/Layout Report… *


*Video Snippet # 06: Transformer Replacement (Pool Area) Report


*Video Snippet # 07: Collections/Charge Off Report


*Video Snippet # 08: A/R Log discussion by President Burt regarding the Commercial Loop Improvement Status and the County’s hunt for a replacement Code Enforcement Officer.


Burt also covered an update related to HB 2534, the recently enacted State Law requiring our HOA to review all of their documents for discriminatory language. Burt said: “Our By-Laws are not discriminatory in any way or any of our publications.” Attorneys HARKER & LEPORE will be the final reviewers.



Chief Ward provided an important and in-depth report regarding Grants for residents that clean up their yards…

Ward also reported that the Fire Department plans on “Chartering” or sponsoring a CERT TEAM PROGRAM for the Ranch residents with the support of the Association. His CERT TEAM PROGRAM will be part of his larger “Community Service Volunteers Program.”

He confirmed working on a “10 Year Strategic Plan” for the Ranch residents that will include surveys sent out to the homeowners for their input.


On a lighter note, Ward discussed snow removal issues and President Burt said he was unable to golf during that snow event. However, Ward said, “You can snow golf” and Burt responded: “I was thinking about painting one of my balls Bright Red.”

Luckily for Burt he has direct access to Santa (Director Riddle) and unless he’s been naughty, Santa might put in Burt’s Christmas stocking a couple of Red Balls.


At the July 2021 Candidates Forum, there was a heated exchange between Candidate Jeff Parcel, Director Richard Ebers, resident Carol Orr and Santa/Riddle. Riddle was responding to Parcel’s comment. “I’m not going to listen to you Monty” and Riddle said, “Why because I don’t have any Balls.”

Meeting adjourned with no Executive Session required.

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