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11/02/20, 12:08 PM


Today’s Work Session Meeting was held via zoom and started at 10:00 AM.

All Ranch Directors present with the exception of Carl Harbour.

Jefferson County Commissioner Mae Huston also in attendance.

Ranch Manager Judy Lapora, Karen Atwood and General Maintenance Supervisor Mike Knoke participated.

Ranch VP Bill Burt facilitated today’s meeting and followed the attached AGENDA

Note: Pay close attention to the first 10 minutes of the meeting-Judy Lapora “forgot to start the tape recorder”

*Video Snippet # 01: CALL TO ORDER/ROLL CALL & lengthy discussion regarding the filing of INJUNCTIONS against alleged CC&R VIOLATORS presented by ex-director Mark Schneider

*Video Snippet # 02: Continuation of CC&R discussion & Budget Process Update

*Video Snippet # 03: Panorama Park Discussion

*Video Snippet # 04: Continuation of Panorama Park Discussion & Director Randy Peterson’s proposal of recruiting volunteers to help maintain the park

*Video Snippet # 05: Clubhouse Area Naming, Small Pool Repair & Bocce Ball Court Updates

*Video Snippet # 06: Question regarding cost related to electrical & plumbing codes for the pool area

*Video Snippet # 07: BOD Article & Tower Lease Agreement Discussion

*Video Snippet # 08: Lions Club Shed Construction report by Director Jerry Cooper.

While we agree this is a good proposal, it would be nice if they disclosed any possible CONFLICTS.  At least 6 Directors are also Lions Club Members.

According to the OATH OF OFFICE administered to all Directors, it states in part, “That I will attempt to understand and represent the needs of ALL THOSE WE SERVE, not just a particular geographical area or SPECIAL INTEREST GROUP…Emphasis Added.)

*Video Snippet # 09: Continuation of Lions Shed Discussion & letters

Video Snippet # 10: Alzheimer’s ‘s Walk Report, A/R LOG & Shelter in place discussion

*Video Snippet # 11: Closing Comments-Meeting adjourned at 11:19 AM

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