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10/05/21, 10:55 AM


Yesterday’s (10/04/21), BOD MEETING was held via zoom and started at 10:00 AM

Following Directors in attendance: President Bill Burt, VP Carl Harbour, Secretary Julia Randall, Monty Riddle, Mike Dries, Randy Peterson and Richard Ebers

Director/Treasurer Jerry Cooper “hunting” and Director Ara Erdekian MIA

Jefferson County Commissioner Mae Huston in attendance

AGENDA Attached


*Video Snippet # 01: CALL TO ORDER/ROLL CALL


*Video Snippet # 02: Add On’s… Budget Process Report via Ranch Manager Judy Lapora


*Video Snippet # 03: Pool Review/Bocci Ball Sign Update & Old Fire Hall Damage Repair Report-General Maintenance Supervisor Mike Knoke


*Video Snippet # 04: Road Supervisor Jordan Jones-Annual Road Upgrade Report


*Video Snippet # 05: Neighbor Helping Neighbor (NHN) Request/Report via Karen Atwood- confirmed the “corrected” balance in NHN account is $3,170.28


*Video Snippet # 06: Volunteer Service Forms-LeRoy K. Chu-Ranch Enhancement Committee; Former Director Judy Gilliland-CC&R Review Committee & both Approved


*Video Snippet # 07: A/R LOG Review that included an update from Carl Harbour;


Bill Burt discussed HB 2534 that prohibits the use of discriminatory language in HOA Governing Documents. Ranch legal team assigned the task of reviewing all Ranch Governing Documents.


Burt commented: “…They wrote into this law, that we can change our documents with my signature and Julia’s signature. In other words, the President and the Secretary can actually change our documents according to this law, provided it has something to do with discriminatory comments-and only discriminatory comments.”



Video Snippet # 08: Canyon Village Sign Update;


At 10:46, Burt Adjourned to Executive Session for a “couple of legal issues” and apparently forgot to request a vote to adjourn to Executive Session as prescribed by Oregon Law.

Oregon law notes that public meeting minutes are to be kept, and when “executive sessions are used, ORS 94.640 (8)(b) and (c) state: “The board of directors of an association shall vote in OPEN MEETING whether to meet in executive session. If the board of directors votes to meet in executive session, the presiding officer (Burt) of the board of directors shall state the general nature of the action to be considered and, as precisely as possible when and under what circumstances the deliberations can be disclosed to owners…”

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