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01/04/2021, 11:41 AM


Today’s Work Session meeting was held via zoom and started at 10:00 AM and ended at 10:58 AM.

All Ranch Directors present with the exception of Stephanie Proffitt and Richard Ebers.

Ranch Manager Judy Lapora also participated.

Ranch President Carl Harbour followed the attached AGENDA




*Video Snippet # 01: CALL TO ORDER/ROLL CALL & SPECIAL TOPICS that included an American Tower Lease Agreement Report from Director Randy Peterson


*Video Snippet # 02: Car Fire in Grizzly Pit Report via Lapora


*Video Snippet # 03: Damage to Old Fire Hall Report via Lapora. Perpetrator(s) unknown


*Video Snippet # 04: Follow-Up Comments regarding the American Lease Agreement Negotiations by Harbour

Additionally, BOCCE BALL COURT UPDATE via Lapora that included a recap of costs for the project-$9,100 not including labor. According to Lapora, “We don’t track labor costs.” Further, Lapora said, “I don’t feel their (labor costs) appropriate in this case.”


*Video Snippet # 05: Further discussion regarding Special Topics that included Director Cooper asking about the RV Dump Stations & VP Bill Burt reporting that he just received information relevant to Director Richard Ebers health. According to Burt, Ebers is in the hospital due to “seizures.” Director Peterson added that Ebers is having some memory issues and tests are being administered.

NOTE: Prior to adjournment of the meeting it was reported that Ebers is feeling fine and “no worries are warranted.”


*Video Snippet # 06: BACK TO BOCCE BALL. Director Judy Gilliland asked about Bocce Ball Court add-ons & unallocated funds from 2017 Steel Stampede.

According to Lapora there is $2,800 in unallocated funds from that year.

Questions regarding who has the responsibility for disbursements with VP Burt disagreeing with Lapora’s position.

Lapora stated,

“I don’t want that money used for something other than, what I think it should be going to.”


*Video Snippet # 07: Ranch resident Diane Nunley’s report about signage for the Administration area.


*Video Snippet # 08: A/R LOG REVIEW & WRAP UP


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