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April 7, 2023, 1:27 PM


Brief Report

Last Monday’s (4/3/23) Work Session Meeting started at 10:00 AM and adjourned to Executive Session at 11:20 AM.

The following Directors in attendance: President Kari Vickery, VP Ara Erdekian, Secretary Mike Dries, Treasurer Randy Peterson, Julia Randall, Sheryl Jones, Richard Beveridge and Sarah Woolverton.

Director Daniel Lowe was absent-AGAIN Where is Daniel?


Ranch Manager Judy Lapora and General Maintenance Supervisor Mike Knoke participated.


*Manager Lapora provided her website status report.

*Note: Ranch Website is still DOWN & has been since 11/25/22

Lapora’s report was limited in scope and confirmed that she’s waiting on receiving a “MOCKUP” or should we say, still waiting on receiving a MOCKUP.

At the 3/7/23, Work Session Meeting, Lapora, reported she was waiting on a MOCKUP and reassured the members things are “rocking and rolling.”


*VP Erdekian provided another one of his lengthy and detailed reports regarding the Community Garden Project. According to Erdekian, “we’re good to go.” The Directors spent a considerable amount of time discussing fencing issues.


*Golf Pro Randy Ballard provided an unexpected report-on his day off, that was not listed as an agenda item. He answered questions and confirmed the golf course is operating successfully. “We’re sitting in a real good spot.”

Lapora weighed and said, “Pat (Huffer), was old school” and Randy is “new school.”


*Supervisor Knoke updated the Directors regarding the vandalism incident at Panorama Park.

He confirmed the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the matter and have “identified all suspects.”


President Vickery asked Knoke, “Are we responsible or is Jefferson County responsible for replacing those fixtures?” Knoke: “Jefferson County will replace the fixtures…”

Knoke: “I would like to have the Sheriff give us the boys names or at least have them come out here and work for us…”

Lapora: “Jefferson County does have a victims-victims something, that they have worked with us on” and added there needs to be some “accountability.”

Lapora wants to be involved in the process and suggested that the perpetrator(s) wear a T- shirt, saying, “I’m the vandal.” Vickery quickly interjected-“No Public Shaming.”

Vickery adjourned the meeting to Executive Session at 11:20 AM to discuss “CC&R’s.”

She reconvened the open meeting at 12:25 PM and “entertained a nomination to assess a fine on CC&R complaint 22-25.”

Director Beveridge, “I’ll make the motion to adopt the fine on Resolution, or case number 22-25.” VP Erdekian seconded the motion and Vickery called for a vote that was unanimously approved.

She then requested a “nomination to adjourn the regular session for April 3, 2023, at 12:27 PM.”




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