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5/21/19, 2:45 PM

Meeting started at 6:00 PM and ended approximately at 7:30 PM

All Directors were present and Jefferson County Commissioner Mae Huston also attended last night’s meeting.






President Carl Harbour followed the  AGENDA.


Several Ranch residents had comments and questions for the Board. Resident Onya Remer addressed the Board regarding obtaining permission to convert 6 school buses into cabins located in the commercial zone on Chinook Dr. Ms. Remer explained her business plan and asked for a “letter of Support” from the Board.


Resident Carol Orr asked the Board to explain the current status regarding the Quail/ Emergency Exit and Annexation Process. Her questions were based, in part, on the confusing answers obtained at the last CRR/SRD Special Meeting-where she asked them for an update. President Harbour replied, he has all of the answers to Ms. Orr’s questions, but did not want to discuss it during the meeting. He added her answers will be in the next Telegraph.


Ranch Manager, Judy Lapora discussed the current status of the Snack Shack. The Shack may be leased for the season.

Meeting adjourned to Executive Session for legal matters.

After the meeting and before Executive Session convened, RM asked President Harbour two questions: Would He/BOD consider answering Members questions in an open forum, as opposed to using the Telegraph-dialogue is important.

We also asked him about the Quail/Emergency Exit and the Annexation Process as the Board understands it. According to Harbour, the Annexation Process is a separate issue and the BLM is not requiring anything prohibiting the Annexation.


Ranch Matters Staff

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