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12/17/19, 10:57 AM


Last Night’s (12/16/19) meeting started at 6:00 PM and ended about 7:05 PM

Jefferson County Commissioner Wayne Fording was in attendance, but no Jefferson County Sheriff’s Deputies

All Board of Directors present-Marie Carter via telephone

Ranch President Carl Harbour followed the AGENDA


Applications to fill former Ranch VP Stu Steinberg’s position will be taken until January 2, 2020 and selection of his replacement is scheduled for January 3, 2020

Ranch Computer Reconstruction-“in process of getting it all done.” Confirmed Hack/“Lock Out” is under investigation and VP Burt added, by the “FBI”. According to Harbour, the likely perpetrator(s) are “foreign”

Robert Townsend from ODOT provided an update on the Terrebonne Refinement Plan


Ranch resident Onya Remer addressed the Board about complaints regarding the conduct and or actions of Ranch President, Carl Harbour and Ranch Manager, Judy Lapora involving the Remer’s School Bus Conversion Plan.


Ms. Remer read aloud from a response letter she emailed to President Harbour where she starts off with: “We appreciate your letter to change the CRR Board’s opposition on our project, however, only a letter of resignation from you and RM Lapora would help initiate the move to have a sit down meeting in good spirit.” Onya continued: “…because of the breach of trust against us by you and Ranch Manager Lapora over the past 8 months it will require your resignations before we can pursue further options.”

Note: Listen for Harbour’s 3 MINUTE TIMER

Ranch resident Carol Orr asked the Board to clarify the ramifications behind the Ranch Hack/lock out

Meeting concluded about 7:05 PM. Adjourned to Executive Session for 2 personnel matters.

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