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11/15/21, 2:05 PM




AGENDA Attached



Reading packet includes the Minutes for the October 19, 2021, CC&R Review Committee Meeting.

Listed under CONSENT ITEMS,

CC&R Committee Member Jim Stagl

“asked permission, which was granted, to discuss the Better Crooked River Ranch Chat Facebook comments regarding social media posts he made. After reviewing all of the comments, the committee reiterated that although the committee members HAVE FREEDOM OF SPEECH, we need to be careful about how it is interpreted in regard to our committee. Membership and duties, and that, as committee members we must stay neutral.”


On October 11, 2021, Ranch Matters published the story, “LET IT BURN” regarding the Vehicle/RV fire on SW Shad Rd. As reported, the story produced a lot of comments on social media that included outrageous statements from CC&R Committee Member Jim Stagl.

Stagl’s initial comment stated, “If we are lucky, it will spread to the whole place, let it burn.” He added, “Place is a CC&R violation disaster. Let it burn.”

Our story pointed out that Stagl, as a Member of the CC&R Committee violated Policies regarding confidential/sensitive information and we asked, “Is Stagl speaking for the CC&R Committee or simply a heartless bully?”

Apparently Stagl was speaking for the Committee and they simply reminded him that committee members must be watchful of their public statements being misinterpreted.


How should Stagl’s statement, “LET IT BURN” be INTERPRETED?

CC&R COMMITTEE MEMBERS that attended the 10/19 Meeting included: Ranch Administrative Assistant, Kara Burkhart, BOD Liaison, Richard Ebers, CC&R Chair, Mark Schneider, Gail Debrisay, Judy Gilliland, Larry Kelly, Pat Kelly, Jim Stagl and Bill Stoughton.

At the 10/18 Board Meeting,

President Bill Burt

Confirmed Stagl “REPRESENTS THE RANCH” and added, “Anybody can say what they want about a CC&R Violation. You drive by it, you know by looking at it, that it is a CC&R Violation. And that’s all that was said-that it was a violation.” NOT TRUE.

Interestingly, in a 10/21 email,

BOD Liaison Richard Ebers

Stated the following: “The Committee itself voted to decline his (Stagl’s) offer to resign.”

The above Minutes excluded Stagl’s offer to resign and the Committee’s alleged vote to decline his resignation. WHY?

The Ranch Directors and CC&R Committee Members have clearly telegraphed that Stagl’s statements/conduct is acceptable. Their willful failure to police their own reflects negatively on the leadership of the CRR Association and sends the wrong message that’s easily INTERPRETED.

Ranch Matters Staff

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