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9/20/22, 1:43 PM


Brief Report

Last night’s (9/19/22) Board Meeting started at 6:00 PM and adjourned to Executive Session at 7:25 PM.

The following Ranch Directors in attendance: President Kari Vickery, VP Ara Erdekian, Secretary Mike Dries, Treasurer Randy Peterson and Sheryl Jones.

Director Sarah Woolverton attended via zoom, but apparently due to technical difficulties was not present for the full meeting.

Director Julia Randall was absent.

Ranch Manager Judy Lapora attended via zoom.

Jefferson County Commissioner Mae Huston in attendance.

Meeting facilitated by President Kari Vickery and she followed the attached AGENDA


Board provided an update regarding Cascade East Transit’s (CET) new service on the Ranch. CET started serving the Ranch on September 6 and they will be providing FREE shopper and medical shuttle rides between the Ranch and Redmond Mondays through Fridays. CET has placed “4” bus stops on the Ranch to serve the residents.


There are two (2) Open Board positions and the deadline to submit an application is October 14. There will be a Special Meeting held October 20 for the Board to appoint the new Directors.


There was an interesting discussion and a “meeting of the minds” regarding approving Ranch member Alice Stevens request to keep her goats in Phase 14. Ms. Stevens submitted documents supporting her request based on the service animal rule. The Directors voted unanimously to approve her request to keep 2 goats.


President Vickery adjourned the meeting to Executive Session for “legal and Personnel issues.”


As an aside, President Vickery’s leadership style projects confidence, organization and empathy. She conducted the meeting professionally and was interested in homeowners feedback-something that seemed to be less important under the previous leadership.

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