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7/21/21, 5:25 PM


*NOTE: We apologize for not video recording this BOD MEETING. Unfortunately, now that the Board Meetings have resumed, in person, in the Juniper Room, we are prohibited via RESOLUTION from video recording or photographing the meetings. However, the Directors are utilizing their new, $13,000+ video recording system to record members.


Monday night’s (7/19/21), CRR/BOD MEETING followed the Candidates Forum and started about 6:00 PM.


All Ranch Directors present along with Ranch Manager Judy Lapora & CC&R Chairman Mark Schneider.


President Carl Harbour followed the attached AGENDA.

Meeting was uneventful, with couple of exceptions. During CC&R Chairman Mark Schneider’s Committee report, it was brought to the Board’s attention that the CC&R June 15, 2021, Minutes, included some confidential information. Specifically, the Minutes, signed by Committee Member Pat Kelley, named names along with other identifying confidential information.


Chairman Schneider stated, he was “unaware” of the breach and Ranch Manager Judy Lapora claimed responsibility. Harbour added, “They (THE NAMES) should not be in there” and asked that they be removed.


The names were included in the Reading Packets and published on the CRR Website and have now been redacted.

Copy Attached

Interestingly and according to CRR’s Policy & Procedure Handbook, “Every committee member is responsible for maintaining confidentiality of sensitive or personal information gained due to his or her membership on a committee. This may include information about other Association members, members of the Board, staff or other confidential information gained as a committee member and must be held in the strictest confidence. Failure to do so may result in removal from the committee by action of the committee or the Board.”


On a related note, and reported by Ranch Matters, the Association was sued last month by a Ranch Homeowner. The lawsuit alleges: “Negligent Breach of Confidentiality; Breach of Confidentiality” and the plaintiff is seeking $965,000.

The lawsuit allegedly involves the CC&R Complaint Process and the Associations duty to maintain confidentiality.


Another interesting exception occurred during PUBLIC INPUT. Ranch member, Carol Orr asked about protocols utilized by the Board before they can release video recordings, audio recordings and other information to government agencies, in particular, the Department of Public Safety Standards and Training (DPSST) that included her and others. Harbour referred her to the Policy & Procedure Handbook, but failed to mention the specific section.


Orr questioned Schneider, one of the DPSST Complainants, on how he obtained the subject videos that he submitted to DPSST and he replied, “I can’t expose the person that did it.” However, Manager Lapora admitted she gave the videos to Mark Schneider.


Lapora and Harbour provided further background regarding the handling and release of videos and other information based on the Policy Handbook.


Section 7.6 of the Policy Handbook states,

“Any official communication with various state and federal agencies will be conducted through the Administration or an assigned Board member. The Ranch Manager (Judy Lapora) will keep the Board current on any issues related to these (DPSST) government organizations…”


When Mark Schneider submitted his complaints to DPSST in 2020, against John Stevens’ private investigators license and Ranch Matters News Service he did so as a Ranch Director and the Board’s liaison to the CC&R Committee.


Additionally, during PUBLIC INPUT, Ranch Matters John Stevens inquired about a report filed by Golf Course Superintendent Richard Jensen about a young woman caught on the golf course swimming in an irrigation pond on June 27th at 5:15 AM. According to Jensen’s report, he asked her to leave three times and indicated she “moved to the pro shop/snack shack and pool area” after confronting her. Jensen described her behavior as “strange” and several hours later, while leaving work, Jensen saw a deputy talking to her.


I asked if the woman was trespassed from the golf course and Lapora stated “I would have to ask Richard, I don’t believe so” and confirmed the police were called.

Today, Ranch Matters contacted the Sheriff’s Office and obtained a copy of the “Dispatch Log” regarding the above described incident. According to the Log, the Sheriff’s Dispatch received the call for services at 10:25 AM.

Copy Attached

It states, “They have been asking AF to leave for a long time but she is refusing…Says she also has knives and is a known cutter and has fresh marks on her…” “Subject agreed to leave the property, watched as she left on her bike…”

The Sheriff’s Office further confirmed the woman was not arrested, cited or trespassed.

“Strange behavior”, refused to leave the area, allowed to wander about the golf course/pool area for several hours before law enforcement was even notified and according to the log, was packing knives.


On April 20, 2020, we published a story titled, “YOU DIDN’T FUCKING ASK” regarding Ranch Matters being trespassed from the Ranch golf course by Richard Jensen while reporting on some acts of vandalism.

We had permission, obtained the crime report from the Sheriff’s Office and when asked by Jensen to leave we complied. Jensen nevertheless called law enforcement, mislead them triggering a code 3 response (Lights & Sirens) and had us “PERMANENTLY TRESPASSED” from the golf course.

Note: We did not have any weapons-Knives, but we admit to possessing cameras, pens and notepads.



There was no Executive Session and meeting adjourned a little after 7:00 PM

Ranch Matters Staff

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