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Meeting started about 6:00 PM and ended approximately at 7:10 PM

All Board of Directors present and President Carl Harbour followed the AGENDA.


Ranch resident Lisa Glowack discussed her candidacy for the Board position vacated by James Dille. She presented her professional and personal background and answered questions.

Ranch Manager Judy LaPora stated she has been talking to an interested party to operate the Shack.

There was a lively discussion regarding the resurfacing of CRR’s Tennis Court. The 9K estimate fell short, of the one and only bid for 11K. Ranch Manager Judy LaPora stressed the project needs to be completed by the end of April. However, the Board requested more information and when a motion was offered to approve the bid, a Second was not obtained and the project was “tabled.”

The Board did approve the $42K plus to resurface the Large Swimming Pool.

Additionally, the Board voted and unanimously approved the FY 2019-2020 Operating Budget.
NOTE: Director Gilliland questioned line item 60550, Code Enforcement, for 15K, rarely used and VP Steinberg asked if the 15K could be used for some unidentified matter the Board planned on discussing in tonight’s Executive Session.

At approximately 7:10 PM the meeting adjourned to Executive Session to discuss CC&R matters and legal issues.
Stangland & Stevens ears are burning…

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