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10/22/19, 11:54 AM

Last night’s (10/21/19) REGULAR BOD MEETING started on time at 6:00 PM and ended about 7:02 PM. There was no Executive Session.

Jefferson County Sheriff Jim Adkins was attendance and made no public statements.

All Board of Directors present with the exception of VP Stu Steinberg and Lisa Glowack. Additionally, Ranch Manager, Judy Lapora was absent-Vacation.

BOD MEETING AUDIO,  Oct 21,2019 6:00 PM

Ranch President Carl Harbour followed the Attached AGENDA.


*Ms. Kate Adams provided an update regarding the Ranch Enhancement Project Committee-Steel Stampede Funds.

*John Stevens from Ranch Matters addressed the Board regarding inaccurate and misleading statements made by President Harbour regarding his CONDUCT RESOLUTION at the September 16 Board Meeting.

*Ranch resident Karen Atwood provided her Neighbor Helping Neighbor report and explained eligibility criteria for benefit distribution.

*There was some discussion involving how and what to do about emergencies and or disasters on the Ranch. Old News with NO FOLLOW-UP.

*Director Bill Burt discussed implementing a SIGN-IN SHEET for all meetings for accurate Roll Call in case of emergencies.


NOTE: Prior to the meeting, Ranch Matters David Stangland passed out to all Directors a copy of the following:Helpful Tips for Creating HOA Board Resolutions, CRR/CC&R Rules of Enforcement Procedures/Policy & Procedures Handbook and Article 1, Bill Of Rights from the Oregon Constitution.


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