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3/16/21, 10:15 AM


Last night’s (3/15/21), meeting was held virtually via Zoom and started at 6:00 PM and ended at adjourned to Executive Session at 7:41 PM.

All Ranch Directors present along with Ranch manager Judy Lapora.

President Carl Harbour followed the attached AGENDA




Board approved the new MOU.



*Video Snippet # 01: CALL TO ORDER/ROLL CALL & CONSENT ITEMS-Approval of Minutes

 *Video Snippet # 02: COMMITTEE & STAFF REPORTS & Judy Lapora’s Collection Report

Video Snippet # 03: Continuation of Lapora’s Report… According to Lapora, the Administrative Office is now open to the public and she’s running “short staff” due to the front desk person leaving for another job…

Video Snippet # 04: OLD BUSINESS-Panorama Park Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Report via Lapora. According to Lapora, the new MOU requires less responsibilities for the Ranch & more responsibilities for the County. Lapora added, she’s going to be the “Eyes & Ears” for the County…

Video Snippet # 05: Swimming Pool Report via Lapora that included “Good News & Not Good News…”

Lapora also reported on the CRR VAX EVENT scheduled for 3/19/21. She stated the County has “400 DOSES” available for Ranch residents & only about 200 have signed up. Lapora wants to get the word out & recommended calling Admin to be placed on her Shot List



*Video Snippet # 06: Canyon Village Sign Report


*Video Snippet # 07: AR LOG Discussion that include the Water Company Lawsuit Settlement Agreement. Documents haven’t been signed due to some unresolved issues…


*Video Snippet # 08: Continuation of AR LOG discussion regarding CC&R’s & Code Enforcement. Lapora reported Code Enforcement Officer Chris Reeves is on an “extended leave” & will look into the reason why he’s absent.

(Note: Chris Reeves has been activated by the National Guard)


*Video Snippet # 09: FY 2022 Op Budget Presentation. BAC Chair Dan Tomlinson was the scheduled presenter, but was AWOL & Lapora read from Tomlinson’s text


*Video Snippet # 10: Continuation of Op Budget discussion-QUESTIONS


*Video Snippet # 11: Board approved 35K expenditure regarding AFE #257, Golf Course Equipment related


*Video Snippet # 12: Pickleball Camp discussion & the approval of FY 2022 Capital Reserve Plan


*Video Snippet # 13: FY 2022 Fee Schedule discussion that included the increase of dues by 20 dollars. Approved by 8 Directors & opposed by Director Monty Riddle


*Video Snippet # 14: MODIFICATION to Policy & Procedure Manual discussion by President Harbour. According to Harbour, they (CRR) need the “ABILITY TO ACT QUICKLY IN THE EVENT OF AN EGREGIOUS VIOLATION…”

Harbour wants Section 2 of the Manual amended regarding Signs or Flags. “Any sign or flag which contains any of the following, in words or pictures, may be handled in an expeditious manner OUTSIDE the normal CC&R complaint process: Vulgarity, Swear Words, Nudity, Pornography, is Malicious, Vicious, Profane, Indecent or other language or picture that does not meet community standards.”


Motion to Approve the modification was unanimous


*Video Snippet # 15: Brief discussion regarding the First Reading of FY 2022 Op Budget, followed by:

PUBLIC INPUT, where Ranch resident Carol Orr commented on the Panorama Park fiasco & MOU. Ms. Orr stressed the money involved in the agreement is tax money-not dues. She stated there needs to be some serious oversight incorporated & better accountability…

Harbour announced the 2021 Steel Stampede Event has been cancelled again &

reminded everyone that on April 10 there’s a scheduled Fire Preparedness Workshop for any & all interested

Harbour adjourned the meeting to Executive Session at 7:41 PM to discuss more legal issues. He called it an “informational discussion” only

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