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2/23/22, 2:25 PM


Monday night’s (2/21/22), BOD MEETING was held via zoom at started at 6:02 PM and ended at 7:58 PM.

The following Ranch Directors in attendance: President Bill Burt, VP Carl Harbour, Secretary Julia Randall, Treasurer Jerry Cooper, Randy Peterson, Richard Ebers, Mike Dries, Monty Riddle and Ara Erdekian.

Ranch Manager Judy Lapora in attendance and participated.

Meeting facilitated by President Bill Burt and he followed the attached AGENDA.



*Note: Video Snippets 1 & 3 not uploaded


*Video Snippet # 01: Call to Order/Roll call & Consent Items…


*Video Snippet # 02: Lapora’s Staff Report-Collections, Budget/Audit Update, Steele Stampede Update-scheduled for April 30-May 1, A/R Log & RV Dump Station Update…


*Video Snippet # 03: “Rodeo Update” (Misleading title), President Burt starts off, “I’m going to have something to say about it” and passed the baton over to Director Randall. However, Randall skipped over the rodeo discussion and talked about fencing/safety issues related to Panama Park.


*Video Snippet # 04: RETURNED to Rodeo Update. Burt stated: “First of all, in answer to Dale Wiley’s message to us. Thank you for your letter, I appreciate your groups commitment to maintaining respect & honesty in communication. It is of course the Associations policy to maintain respect & professionalism in all of our communications with members and non-members alike…”

“As for the rodeo contract, it has not been executed & therefore there is nothing to nullify.”

Burt further stated: “While I respect your groups concerns about a possible conflict of interest, a familial relationship between an employee and a third-party vendor, is not a conflict of interest in a transaction.” “When the Board of Directors initially reviewed the contract, it was my understanding that all of the Directors were aware of all of the circumstances. It turns out that some Directors were not fully aware. Therefore the Board of Directors will re-visit the rodeo contract in tonight’s Regular Board Meeting. Terms of the contract have been amended slightly and so the Board will vote again whether to approve the contract. Please note, that the Ranch Manager’s (Judy Lapora) relationship will no longer be a party to the contract. Given this change, the fact that the Board will have received full disclosure, of all pertinent information, prior to approving the contract, I trust your groups concerns regarding this transaction will be assuaged.”

Directors discussion continued…


*Video Snippet # 05: Continuation of rodeo discussion that included a lengthy/thoughtful presentation by Director Erdekian…


*Video Snippet # 06: Continuation of rodeo discussion. Heritage House concerns regarding possible scheduling conflicts… Director Riddle voiced his concerns regarding the increased traffic associated with this event and others and how it will impact the condition of the Ranch roads and funding… Burt responded in part: “The good news, I guess, if you want to look at it this way, is Chinook, is a County road, its not a Ranch road and that’s where the primary traffic will be down Chinook…”


*Video Snippet # 07: Continuation of rodeo discussion. Burt commented on safety and security related issues that included obligating the Sheriff’s Office as part of the event security.

Burt provided his plans for emergencies and evacuations that includes no plans.

Burt stated: “All of the Directors, hopefully had a chance to look at the contract. It was sent to you, Monty.” Director Monty Riddle responded: “OK then, I would have to take a look, at my emails, because it’s not something I check, every hour.” Burt answered: “It was sent out a couple of hours ago, but that’s alright I suppose.” Director Riddle responded: “The point is, I haven’t had a chance to look at it so, I’m going to have to take a look at it, thank you.”

Director Randall suggested postponing the vote until the next Board meeting. Burt answered: “We could do that.” Randall added: “I would love to hear from everybody and I would love to work with JUDY on it and have it ready for the next meeting.” Burt: “OK, that sounds fair.”

Burt had an immediate change of heart and stated: “I really don’t want to put off voting on this, tonight. Again we have a time crunch. Putting it off another two weeks, to decide on it, makes it down to three months in order to do this-it takes time.”

VP Harbour weighed in and stated: “Bill, this is Carl, can we just step through what the changes were from what Monty has seen prior to and how the contract reads now. I mean, there were only like three significant changes in the contract.”

Burt stated: “We are going to publish the contract” along with the minutes in a couple of days.

Burt read from select portions of the contract and Director Riddle asked about how many rodeos the promoter was contractual allowed yearly. Riddle asked: “…The promoter is granted exclusive right to hold one rodeo per year on the first weekend of June each year for five consecutive years. Then there’s another sentence that says for the granting of this exclusive right for two rodeo events per year for five years-I’m I reading something wrong?”

Burt responded: “No, if he (promoter) desires to have another rodeo, we are authorizing him the ability to do that. As far as we know this year, it’s one rodeo.”


Burt asked for a motion to approve “moving the rodeo to the Buffalo Pl pasture…”

The motion was entered by Director Cooper who stated: “I move to accept the NEW CONTRACT and all the dealings that go with it.” The motion was seconded by Director Peterson.

Motion was approved, but not unanimously. Directors Riddle and Erdekian were opposed.


*Video Snippet # 08: Public Comments. Lively comments that included members not being included in the rodeo proposal process, timing issues, safety/security issues…

Resident Dale Wiley addressed the Board regarding a letter his newly form group sent the Directors.

Resident Carol Orr commented on the timing of the Buffalo Pl repairs…

Wrap Up issues that included adding the Badger Road issues to the next work session meeting on March 7.

Before the meeting ended, resident John Seely commented… His comments included accounting issues and Burt said he was going to stop Seely, but not before Seely said: “It’s time, this stuff stops…”


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