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2/16/21, 9:48 AM



Last night’s (2/15/21), meeting was held virtually via Zoom and started at 6:00 PM and ended about 7:30 PM

All Ranch Directors present along with Ranch Manager Judy Lapora and General Maintenance Supervisor Mike Knoke.


President Carl Harbour followed the attached AGENDA






*Video Snippet # 02: COMMITTEE/STAFF REPORTS & RANCH MANAGER’S REPORT that discussed Collection Updates… According to Lapora the Ranch has hired Process Servers to assist…


*Video Snippet # 03: Lapora’s BUDGET PROCESS REPORT


*Video Snippet # 04: OLD BUSINESS-Panorama Park/MOU Report via Lapora. She confirmed new MOU is transferring the Mowing & Weeding responsibility back to Jefferson County…


Swimming Pool Upgrade Report via Harbour & Lapora. Harbour confirmed Engineering Work is required at a cost of $9800 along with permits. He addressed concerns in the past about proper permitting issues

Lapora clarified the County is requiring the above & stated: “This is not something that we could have side stepped, nor would we wanted to side step…” (ILLEGAL RV DUMP STATIONS)


*Video Snippet # 05: Legal Updates/Wrap-Up regarding 2016 Ballot Measure lawsuit & Water Co lawsuit


*Video Snippet # 06: RV Park Wi-Fi & Trust for Public Land Proposal update

*Video Snippet # 07: AR LOG…

IT Review… Fire Abatement Discussion… Bureau of Land Management (BLM) project along Emergency Exit & Grants available for fire safety on private property

*Video Snippet # 08: FIRE ABATEMENT ISSUES with initial report provided by Director Monte Riddle & Harbour added, He met with Harry Ward (CRR Fire Chief) last week & presented him with a map reflecting Exits of the Ranch (?).

According to Harbour, he has identified “8” Shelter in Place locations, but Chief Ward told Harbour he prefers residents leave the Ranch….

Discussed “Staging Areas” as opposed to Shelter in Place locations along with other emergency procedures..,

Harbour said, “I would like an answer back within 2 weeks.”

(See Ranch Matters Story “CLARIFICATION” posted 2/5/21)


Video Snippet # 09: Continuation of FIRE ABATEMENT discussion by Director Randy Peterson

*Video Snippet # 10: Continuation of FIRE ABATEMENT discussion along with input from Ranch resident Diana Hallmark, AKA Uptown Conceal

*Video Snippet # 11: Riddle & Harbour explain to Diana Hallmark how to exit the Ranch via Quail/Emergency Road

Video Snippet # 12: RECAP Commercial Loop involving JeffCo Code Enforcement & CC&R’s

*Video Snippet # 13: NEW BUSINESS-Resolution 2021-02-15 Transfer of Funds to CRP discussion primarily by Harbour & Lapora.

According to Harbour, the “COMPUTER HACK” caused delays in the past of Ranch Funds being transferred. Lapora confirmed transferring Funds to an unnamed institution that “farms out” Funds to several different institutions for protection of said Funds


*Video Snippet # 14: Request to Revise Adopted FY 2021 CRP Budget discussion, MOTION (by Harbour) & Approval

AFE 255 discussed & Approved

*Video Snippet # 15: ATV/Motorcycle use on Private Property &/or Ranch Roads discussion focused on Noise Complaints & Nuisance issues

*Video Snippet # 16: Continuation of #15 & Ranch resident Diana Hallmark’s comments about noisy diesel trucks & chainsaws


*Video Snippet # 17: FY 2021-2022 Fee Schedule discussion followed by PUBLIC INPUT

Ranch resident Carol Orr weighed in & voiced her concerns regarding Commercial Loop & Jefferson County’s role. She specifically addressed VP Bill Burt’s statement regarding one particular lady targeted by Burt for alleging not having a business while living in the Loop. Orr quoted Burt’s statement: “HOW DO WE GET THIS LADY TO MOVE” & Orr asked Harbour for a status report. Harbour responded: “Right where it is.”

(See Ranch Matters Story , Dated 2/10/21)



Harbour then stated: “Here’s my issue with Jefferson County at this point. They (JC) have zoning ordinances that define in Section 318, 317 & 410 of their zoning ordinances. So, if they are going to make the decision that they’re not going to enforce their own ordinances, then they need to change their zoning ordinances. Otherwise, I think we have every right and expectation to be able to enforce the rules that are currently in place.”

ANNOUNCEMENTS/WRAP-UP by Harbour before adjourning the meeting to Executive Session at 7:30 PM.

According to Harbour, the purpose for this Executive Session focuses on discussing two legal issues that he would like to “EDUCATE “ the Board on.

Ranch Matters Staff