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12/20/22, 11:34 AM


Brief Report

•Prior to the start of the meeting Ranch Manager Judy Lapora stated she was “unable to get the video up.”


Monday (12/19/22), the Ranch Board of Directors held their last meeting for 2022.


It was called to ORDER by President Kari Vickey at 6:00 PM.

Roll Call was followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

The following Directors in attendance: President Kari Vickery, VP Ara Erdekian, Secretary Mike Dries, Treasurer Randy Peterson, Julia Randall, Sheryl Jones, Richard Beveridge, Sarah Woolverton and Daniel Lowe via zoom.

Ranch Manager Judy Lapora and Karen Atwood participated.


Jefferson County (outgoing) Commissioner Mae Huston in attendance.



Manager Judy Lapora provided her status report regarding the CRR Website Issues. According to Lapora, the IT Team was unable to transfer the website data from Concrete 5 to GreenGeeks as reported earlier. Lapora confirmed the Ranch will be starting from scratch to re-build the website. Re-building will cost somewhere between 4K and 7K and she’s getting bids.


Senior Group leadership reported the Heritage House is a freezer and has had no heat for the last couple of months. They requested authorization from the Board to purchase a replacement Heat Pump System. The Board unanimously approved spending $7,550.00 and Quality Heating based out of Redmond won the bid.


Mae Huston addressed the Board for the last time as a County Commissioner and wished everyone a Merry Christmas.


At 7:03 PM, Vickery adjourned the meeting to Executive Session and was asked for the

Purpose, She replied, “legal.”


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