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1/19/21, 7:58 AM


Last night’s (1/18/21), meeting was held virtually, via zoom and started at 6:01 PM and ended at 7:00 PM.

All Ranch Directors present along with Ranch Manager Judy Lapora.

Jefferson County Commissioner Mae Huston also in attendance.

President Carl Harbour followed the attached AGENDA


*Video Snippet # 01: CALL TO ORDER & ROLL CALL

*Video Snippet # 02: CONSENT ITEMS

*Video Snippet # 03: COMMITTEE/STAFF REPORTS & Lapora’s Collections Update

*Video Snippet # 04: Lapora’s BUDGET PROCESS REPORT

*Video Snippet # 05: OLD BUSINESS-Naming of the Admin Area Contest. WINNING NAME: Canyon Village.

Lapora also presented some Sign Examples related to various Ranch Businesses

*Video Snipett # 06: Allocation of balance of 2017 Steele Stampede Funds & Bocce Ball Court Construction costs. According to Lapora, the 2017 Steele Stampede Event grossed $11,914 & the Bocce Ball Court Construction costs totaled $9,106, excluding labor costs.

NOTE: RM was informed by Ranch Member Carol Orr that on 1/9/21, she emailed President Harbour & the Board regarding Lapora’s failure to incorporate labor costs in the Bocce Ball project. Orr asked, “Normal accounting of business, is to track all matters, and that includes resources and labor costs…”

Orr requested this issue be placed on tonight’s agenda.

Orr’s request was not on the Agenda or discussed by the Board.

*Video Snippet # 07: Legal Updates regarding Water Co lawsuit & 2016 amendment change

*Video Snippet # 08: RV PARK Wi-Fi Report

*Video Snippet # 09: AR Log discussion regarding the next CC&R meeting scheduled for 1/26 that includes JC Code Enforcement Officer, Chris Reeves…

Also discussed the availability of fire abatement Grants…

*Video Snippet # 10: NEW BUSINESS-COVID Vac Distribution Report

*Video Snippet # 11: PUBLIC INPUT-Ranch Member Carol Orr asked the Board who mowed around Panorama Park & Lapora stated it was a volunteer. Lapora did not know the name of the mystery mower…


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