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01/18/2022, 12:58 PM


Last night’s (01/17/22), BOD MEETING was held via zoom and started at 6:00 PM. All Ranch Directors in attendance along with Ranch Manager Judy Lapora.

Meeting facilitated by President Bill Burt and he followed the attached AGENDA


***Due to a technical issue on FB’s part, the videos were shuffled and are no longer in order.



*Video Snippet # 02: COMMITTEE & STAFF REPORTS via Ranch Manager Judy Lapora. Lapora provided her monthly Collections report, Budget/Audit report and Wednesday’s (01/19/22), BAC MEETING at 10:00 AM…

Lapora discussed planning a party to celebrate CRR’s 50th Anniversary this year…

Lapora stated Jefferson County has recently hired a new Code Enforcement Officer…

*Video Snippet # 03: OLD BUSINESS-AR LOG… Director Erdekian’s Ad Hoc Committee Report regarding Flag Issues. This Flag Committee was created by President Burt at the 12/20/21, Regular Board Meeting to study flag related issues. Committee Members tasked with Burt’s assignment: Directors Ara Erdekian, Julia Randall and Randy Peterson.

Note: President Burt suggested Director Erdekian contact Ranch Lawyers, Harker ($) Lepore for their legal opinion/input. As earlier reported, Harker $ Lepore are the same lawyers that wrote the Board assuring them that they need not worry about following the Constitution and stressed homeowners surrendered their DUE PROCESS RIGHTS as Association Members.

*Video Snippet # 04: Continuation of OLD BUSINESS discussion that included Lapora’s RV Park Dump Station Update. Interesting report that included Lapora stating the “Holding Tank will be moved to a lower area…”

Note: SEE Ranch Matters reports: “SHIT STORM” published on 6/10/2020, “SHIT STORM” Follow-Up, published on 6/16/2020 and “NOT ON MY WATCH” published on 7/10/2020, for important background related to the RV Park Dump Stations.

*Video Snippet # 05: Badger Hill Road Report via President Burt. Burt initially advised the Directors that he had attended last weeks (1/12/2022) Special Road District (SRD) Meeting and stated: “The SRD is planning on researching the cost of a metal gate or a level 3 barricade-so we can make some decisions on which to purchase. They are also researching the cost of a guardrail…”

Note: President Burt’s SRD report failed to mention that there might be SDC (System Development Charges) Funds available to help defer costs especially when “Increased Safety related items/measures are a good fit for SDC Projects”, according to Jefferson County Public Works Director Matt Powlison. Burt’s report additionally failed to mention the lengthy discussion the SRD Commissioners had regarding the December 26 events on Badger Hill, safety protocols, communication issues and responsible parties.

*Video Snippet # 06: Continuation of the Badger Hill Road discussion…

*Video Snippet # 07: Resolution 2022-01-17 Unanimously Approved.

*Video Snippet # 08: Neighbor Helping Neighbor Report via Karen Atwood. She stated the current account balance is $3,991 and asked that $905 be allocated to assist “3” Ranch residents-Approved.

*Video Snippet # 09: PUBLIC INPUT-No Comments.

Burt then adjourned the meeting to Executive Session for a “legal Issue” at 6:26 PM. He indicated they would return to Regular Session after the Executive Session portion concluded. Burt said, “Carol, Mark, Mr. Stevens and John if you guys, would depart please.” Ranch Manager Lapora stated, “I think Mark needs to be in the Executive Session, he’s got a presentation.”

*Video Snippet # 10: Burt’s final remarks: “John and David, you guys need to leave.”

Ranch Matters waited for the Regular Meeting to resume, but were bumped off and apparently not placed in the waiting room?

Ranch Matters Staff