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8/18/18, 12:50 PM

Meeting started at 9:00 AM and ended at 9:55 AM.

All Board of Directors present with the exception of Dave Keyston.

President Dave Palmer called the meeting to order followed by Pastor David Stone’s Invocation,


Moment of silence and Flag Salute.



Palmer followed attached AGENDA-See for details.


Some Highlights:

Director Jim Dille provided his Treasure’s Report

Palmer’s Annual President’s Message read and he ended his message confirming the end of his reign

Employee of the Year: Sue Boyle/CRR RV PARK
Thank you Sue

Volunteer of the Year: SRD Commissioner John Williams

Ranch Manager Judy Lapora commended Outgoing Board Members… Thanked Outgoing Director Paula Bartolomei for all of her hard work as Secretary, stating it’s “big job keeping up with all the legal issues & keeping things on the right path.”

Lapora presented Bartolomei her award

Ranch Manager Judy Lapora confirmed she works for and directly under President Palmer. She further stated Palmer is “fair, level headed, hardworking…”.
Palmer received a Standing Ovation

Before the meeting was Adjourned, Input & Announcements included 6 Ranch Members

Ranch Matters Staff

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