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Crooked River Ranch Special Road District “NO INDIVIDUAL POWERS”

11/13/18, 11:47 AM

Yesterday (11/12/18), Ranch Matters reported on obtaining the AGREEMENT between Crooked River Ranch Special Road District (SRD) Commissioner John Williams and Madras attorney Timothy R. Gassner, negotiated/signed by SRD Commissioner John Williams on February 19, 2018.

Ranch Matters also obtained the SPECIAL DISTRICT ELECTED OFFICIAL’S GUIDE from Jefferson County. Some of the topics the GUIDE addresses include: Elections, Roles and Responsibilities of Elected Officials, Board Meetings and Ethics.

Two specific areas that caught our attention discusses “Powers and Responsibilities of the Board” and “Liability and Exposure.”

Powers and Responsibilities talks about how board members have “NO INDIVIDUAL POWERS” separate from the board and consequences if they act without any authority from the board.
The Liability and Exposure section covers District insurance requirements and Exceptions.

*Still to come, more reports regarding the Special Road District Public Records Lawsuit and Settlement.

Ranch Matters Staff

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