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Crooked River Ranch Special Road District-ANNEXATION Emergency Quail Road

1/12/19, 11:45 AM


On January 9, 2019, the SRD held their first meeting of the new year. There was a discussion regarding when and how the emergency/Quail road will be legally annexed and SRD Commissioner John Williams confirmed the road construction has been completed and to date, no Petition to annex the road has been filed.

Chairman Hoffmann signed the AGREEMENT RELATED TO CONSTRUCTION, OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE OF THE QUAIL ROAD EXTENSION PROJECT in April 2018, along with other stakeholders. However, he stated at the above meeting that he does not know what the process is to annex the road is. He then deferred to Williams, stating, it “Sounds like a John thing.”

Williams statements further confirmed he is unsure how to proceed with the annexation process and discussed consulting with Madras attorney Tim Gassner for guidance. (Gassner, also a signer on the agreement).

Chairman Hoffmann doesn’t know what to do, Williams is confused and Commissioner Mike Schlabach was just present.

Interestingly, in a recent email from Deschutes County Road Supervisor, Chris Doty, he stated, “I spoke with John Williams about this and forwarded him the email from our legal counsel as well.”

Without the vote of Ranch residents, have the SRD Commissioners saddled Ranch Residents with the costs, liabilities and maintenance related to a road without knowing and/or understanding the required steps to proceed?

Ranch Matters Staff

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