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Crooked River Ranch SPECIAL ROAD DISTRICT Public Records Lawsuit-UPDATE

1/17/19, 6:23 PM


John Stevens vs Crooked River Ranch Special Road District, and John Williams, Commissioner, Defendant

Case No: 18 CV 03272

On October 16, 2018, A Settlement Conference was held and an agreement was reached. As part of the Settlement terms Commissioner Williams agreed to turn over withheld Public Records that included having his personal computer hard drive independently searched for additional Public Records by Madras Computers.

Yesterday (1/16/19), 3 Months To The Day, Ranch Matters met with Gerald H Kaloi, Security Specialist for Madras Computers, who explained how he conducted his Search Project in accordance with the Court Order.

Specifically, the following Ordered Search Terms included: annex, maintain, maintenance, emergency, SRD, Quail, extension, ROW, right of way, access, paved, Doty, Gander, Bim, Monteith, Wilkins, Palm, BLM, Jeff, Kitchens, Molly, Brown, Alexa, Gassner, Rasmussen, Ahern, Huston, Fording, McHaney, Commissioner, Judge, Petition.

Mr. Kaloi stated, “to the best of my ability, I conducted a search pursuant to the Court Order and supplied the results-30,000 FILES.” No attempt to determine relevance or manipulate the data was involved.”

“30,000 FILES” contained in one Flash Drive and according to Mr. Kaloi his search included scanning for “hidden files.”

Ranch Matters with the help of their “COHORTS” are reviewing the files and will provide updated reports accordingly.

There will be a hearing on January 25, 2019, at 9:00 AM regarding attorney fees. Plaintiff’s attorney, Robert Birk, submitted on January 5, 2019, his “STATEMENT FOR ATTORNEY FEES, COSTS, AND DISBURSEMENTS” for $17, 811.50.

Ranch Matters Staff

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