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Crooked River Ranch SPECIAL ROAD DISTRICT-Public Records Lawsuit/UPDATE

1/21/19, 9:53 AM

John Stevens vs. Crooked River Ranch Special Road District, and John Williams, Commissioner, Defendant
Case No: 18 CV 03272


As reported, there is a hearing scheduled for this Friday, 1/25/19, regarding Attorney Fees and plaintiff’s attorney Robert Birk submitted his MEMORANDUM IN SUPPORT OF AWARD OF FEES TO PLAINTIFF as required by the court on 1/15/19.

Defendant’s attorney, Timothy R. Gassner filed his OBJECTION TO STATEMENT FOR ATTORNEY FEES AND HEARING MEMORANDUM, on 1/16/19.

Ranch Matters posted a story titled, “GAME OF CHARADES” on 1/14/19, at 10:40 AM regarding in part, Conflicts of Interest related to Jefferson County Counsel Alexa Gassner and her husband, Timothy R. Gassner.

31 minutes later, at 11:11 AM Timothy R. Gassner is on the phone with plaintiff’s attorney requesting the 1/25/19 hearing be postponed due to a “Family Matter.”

The following day, Timothy R. Gassner rescinded his request for a postponement and the hearing is still a go for 1/25/19.

Ranch Matters Staff

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