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12/04/18, 11:19 AM

Monday, 12/03/18

Meeting started at 10:00 AM and ended at 11:51 AM and adjourned to EXECUTIVE SESSION.

All Directors present with the exception of Director James Dille.

Jefferson County Commissioner Mae Huston in attendance along with Ranch Fire Chief Harry Ward and several former Ranch Directors.

President Carl Harbour followed the AGENDA

Some Highlights:


Assistant Fire Chief Sean Hartley discussed Fire Abatement Options & Areas of Concern.

Ranch Insurance Agent Barry Maroni provided the Board a three page outline describing Ranch coverage.

HR 2075 discussion proved to be a HOT TOPIC. Ranch resident Marilynn Keyser voiced her objections regarding the Phase Rep System being used to disseminate political messages. Additionally, she objected to the content of a recently published message.

Ranch Resolution 2018-08-20, regarding the banning of the use of Audio and Video Recording Devices at Board Meetings has been tabled indefinitely. President Harbour asked each Director for their thoughts along with soliciting public input. Former Director Dave Keyston, Ranch Residents Marilynne Keyser and Karen Atwood voiced their individual concerns.

Resident John Stevens also took to the podium and provided some background related to the resolutions timing, motivation and defended Ranch Matters Stories.

After the meeting Ranch Matters spoke briefly with President Harbour and discussed Ranch Matters News Format, Objectives and Membership support regarding video recording of Board Meetings.
Additionally we covered video recording ground rules.


Ranch Matters Staff

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