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11/20/20, 2:15 PM


There’s a rumor that’s has gained some traction regarding the transferring of COVID CASES/PATIENTS from the Portland area to the St. Charles Health System in Central Oregon.


Today we contacted the St. Charles COVID-19 Hotline and spoke directly with a assigned hotline nurse. The nurse confirmed hearing about this rumor and believes it just a rumor and added, there is no factual information supporting any COVID transfers from Portland and explained why…


Additionally we asked the nurse if she could confirm the total number of COVID cases to date. According to the St. Charles COVID Website at 7:30 AM today, there are “11” total cases, “3” in ICU and “1” on a ventilator. The nurse had numbers from Wednesday reflecting “12” total cases, “3” in ICU and “0” on ventilators.


The nurse referred us to the St. Charles Public Relations Department for more detailed information regarding the rumor and current COVID cases within their system. We left a voice mail message and are waiting on a response.


Ranch Matters reached out to Jefferson County Commission Chair, Kelly Simmelink, regarding the above rumor and the low COVID hospitalizations being reported in Central Oregon. We asked, Why are we-Central Oregon being shut down over such a low number of total hospitalizations?


We are waiting to hear back from Commissioner Simmelink.

Ranch Matters Staff