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9/7/21, 11:34 AM


“Due to potential COVID-19 exposure and staffing levels CRR Golf Course will be closed September 7th-9th and September 13th-15th.’


(Randy Ballard, PGA Head Golf Professional)

Ranch Matters attempted to contact Randy Ballard for a comment regarding his above Notice, but was unable to reach him. We did have an opportunity to speak with Ranch Manager Judy Lapora and she confirmed there is “1 active Covid case” currently involving an employee at the Pro Shop.

She added, the Pro Shop, “Runs with a Skelton crew and so because this one person is out, which he will be out for a while, they don’t have enough staff to really staff the Pro Shop, without him…”

Lapora stated the September 7th-9th timeline is the testing period and the September 13th-15th timeline relates to being short staffed

We asked Lapora to consider posting UPDATES on CRR’s Website.

Ranch Matters Staff

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