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7/28/20, 2:45 PM

Jefferson County Sheriff, Jim Adkins addresses

Portland UNREST

Today we had an opportunity to speak with Jefferson County Sheriff, Jim Adkins about his thoughts regarding the on-going civil unrest in Portland.

Adkins understands the right to protest and supports peaceful protesting. He’s a strong supporter of the 1st Amendment. However, Adkins said “what’s happening in Portland is not peaceful or civil-its a riot.”

Adkins feels it important for residents of Central Oregon to know and understand the dynamics behind the civil unrest in Portland and supports the Presidents decision to send more federal officers to Portland. He stated, “I’m disappointed in all of the destruction in Portland and in particular the destruction of our Federal Courthouse-by the rioters…”

Adkins further stated he “welcomes Law and Order and agrees with President Trump’s decision to send more federal officers to protect lives and property.” In fact, Adkins feels the President’s actions will encourage law enforcement personnel generally and the citizens as a whole, including the “silent majority.”

Adkins, like so many others, is concerned about all of the rumors and false narratives being disseminated on social media and in the press. He said he was “glad Ranch Matters has been witnessing and reporting on what’s really happening in Portland.”


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