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2/05/19, 1:30 PM



In last weeks front page story over at the Madras Pioneer, it was reported: “Former MAC director faces charges.”

The story notes that Jefferson County District Attorney Steve Leriche recused himself from the case, apparently, to eliminate any possible accusations of a conflict of interest.
The story further points out:

“Jefferson County District Attorney Steve Leriche turned the investigation over to the Department of Justice in July 2018, to avoid any potential conflict of interest. At the time, he noted that Sgt. Steve Webb was serving on the MACRD board of Directors and working with the District Attorney’s Office, and McHaney’s stepmother was the office manager at the Madras Police Department.”

Mr. Leriche, in this particular instance, understands the importance of maintaining neutrality within the District Attorney’s Office.

Meanwhile, back at the Ranch,

Ranch Matters has been reporting on Potential, as well Actual Conflicts of Interest involving the Crooked River Ranch Special Road District (SRD), SRD Commissioner John Williams, Jefferson County Counsel, Alexa Gassner and her husband, SRD attorney Timothy Gassner along with the Jefferson County Commission regarding the construction, operation and maintenance of the Quail (Emergency) Road Extension Project-A PUBLIC WORKS PROJECT.

In a previous Ranch Matters story dated November 14, 2018, titled, “CONFLICTED” we addressed the Code of Ethical Conduct incorporated within Oregon’s Revised Statutes-ORS Chapter 244.

All Elected Officials, Appointed Officials, Volunteers and Employees of all state and local government bodies are subject to the ethical laws, including CONFLICTS OF INTEREST.

Mr. Leriche gets it, he understands the importance of avoiding even the mere appearance of bias, partiality or impropriety, while other public officials/stakeholders and their cohorts related to the Quail Road Extension Project just don’t care.

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