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11/14/18, 11:56 AM

In 1974 Voters in Oregon approved a measure that created what is now known as the GOVERNMENT STANDARDS AND PRACTICES COMMISSION (GSPC).

Additionally, the measure created a CODE OF ETHICAL CONDUCT incorporated within Oregon’s Revised Statutes-ORS Chapter 244.

All Elected Officials, Appointed Officials, Volunteers and Employees of all state and local government bodies are subject to the Ethical Laws, including


The Special District Elected Official’s Guide addresses the above and specifically covers CONFLICTS OF INTEREST. It states in part: “As the term implies, a POTENTIAL conflict of interest occurs when a public official takes official action that COULD affect the financial interests of the public official, or the official’s relatives or businesses with which they are associated. An ACTUAL conflict of interest occurs when a public official takes official action that definitely WOULD have such an effect.”

Further, “An elected official or a person appointed to a board or commission must publicly declare a potential or actual conflict of interest PRIOR to abstaining, discussing, recommending, voting or taking other official action on an issue. The official must also explain the nature of the conflict…”

Crooked River Ranch Special Road District (SRD) Commissioner John Williams while serving as an ELECTED OFFICIAL on the Special Road District was simultaneously a member of the Crooked River Ranch Alternate Exit/AD HOC COMMITTEE and had served as the Vice President on the Crooked River Ranch Board of Directors.

Williams has a statutory duty to conduct his elected responsibilities in accordance with Oregon Law and that duty includes disclosures to the public his actions as an SRD Commissioner that are in Potential/Actual conflict with his Alternative Exit/AD HOC duties.

Williams did not just fail to disclose Potential/Actual conflicts, but failed to produce records pursuant to Oregon’s Public Records Law and after being sued for the Public Records, unilaterally hired Madras attorney Timothy R. Gassner to represent both himself and the Crooked River Ranch Special Road District.

Ranch Matters is looking into other potential conflicts of interest related to the Public Works Project-Alternative/Emergency Exit Road along with why Williams worked so hard at keeping the public in the DARK.

*Still to come, more reports regarding the Special Road District Public Records Lawsuit and Settlement.

Ranch Matters Staff

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