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5/20/20, 4:43 PM

In a 2018 story, titled, “COMMISSIONER COMPETITION”, Ranch Matters reported that Kim Schmith, a Madras resident and business owner, planned on running against Jefferson County Commissioner, Mae Huston in the May 2018 Primary Election. However, it was an unsuccessful run.


Schmith, was one of three contenders running for Jefferson County Commissioner Position #3 currently held by incumbent Wayne Fording.

In last night’s Primary Election, Ms. Schmith made a strong showing by capturing 2,431 or 44.33% of the votes. Wayne Fording received 1,869 or 34.08% of the votes and Kenneth (Kenny) Bicart obtained 1,171 or 21.35% of the votes.

Because Oregon requires a majority of 50% to avoid a runoff, Schmith and Fording, the two top contenders will advance to the November election.

According to Jefferson County Clerk, Kate Zemke the above numbers are “not official” and a total of 5,484 total votes were cast for the Commissioner Race.

Today we had an opportunity to speak with Kim Schmith and right off she thanked everybody who voted for her and everyone who voted in the election.

She stated, “The most important thing we can do, is to make our voice heard.” Schmith further said, “The Ranch is important, I want to know what’s going on and what you need.”


We also spoke briefly with Commissioner Wayne Fording and he stated, “He’s looking forward to the November election and will have more to say tomorrow.”

Ranch Matters Staff