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*Posted below, Sheriff Jason Pollock’s STATEMENT regarding the Tyre Nichols attack/killing by Memphis Police Officers

1/30/23, 12:34 PM



Local, regional and national police agencies have been issuing statements of condemnation regarding the attack and killing of Tyre Nichols by Memphis police officers.

Ranch Matters (RM) contact Jefferson County Sheriff Jason Pollock for a comment. To date, Pollock confirmed no other media organization has asked him for a statement.

Sheriff Jason Pollock’s STATEMENT:

“In most situations like this, it is hard to cast some kind of public judgement based on a small clip that is put out on the media. However, based on what I have seen, the poor judgement of a few, should not impact police across the nation. It is hard for people to grasp why people commit crimes, let alone when someone wearing a badge commits a crime. It’s hard to know the root cause why something like this would happen. From where I am sitting, when you are hired into Law Enforcement it is very time consuming and requires an extensive process, starting with testing, both physical and mental. There are extensive background investigations into each individual that goes through the process, along with a psychological evaluation. Although the system is not perfect, it is something that should be taken seriously. It is hard for me to believe there isn’t some kind of history that let to this moment with regards to these former officers.
When a Law Enforcement Officer is hired, it is an investment, not just in the agency but in the community, they work in. It is an investment into themselves and their family. It is a profession that less than 1% of our population are a part of. It is a profession that always has the eye of the community, life in a fishbowl. Building a reputation takes a lot of years, destroying that reputation only takes a few minutes. The system is not perfect in any profession.”
Thank you
Jason Pollock, Sheriff


Ranch Matters Staff

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